If your roof has been in poor condition for a long time, getting a new one installed is the right thing to do. Timing is important in achieving proper roof installation. So, what is the best time to tackle your roofing projects? Summertime is considered the perfect season to complete your roof repairs or maintenance.

During this particular season, roofing contractors can set up your roof without thinking about dangerous roof conditions. Bad weather will not hinder your roofing project. In this blog, we’ll be exploring the advantages of installing a new metal roof in the summer season.

Consistent Good Weather

Roof installations and repairs are usually done on a scheduled basis. Unfortunately, bad weather conditions can delay the project timeframe. During the winter months, expect to deal with rain, snow, and wind.

In the summertime, there’s less chance of rain and snow. The weather conditions in summer are more predictable than in other seasons. This only means that your project will go as planned and will be finished on schedule. By having work done during the summer, there’s less chance of interruptions.

Easier Metal Roof Installation

Getting roof work done is easier during summer. There are more daylight hours in this season, giving us longer days and more sunlight than the rest of the year. With the warmer temperatures, roofers can work longer and more efficiently. 

Moreover, dry weather conditions reduce the chances of roof leaks because sealants will set faster. But bear in mind that extreme humidity can make the roofers uncomfortable. Make sure to carry out the installation in early summer for milder weather conditions.

More Affordable

A new metal roof costs from $6 to $16 per square foot. This ballpark figure includes the material and labor costs. The price will be higher during fall because it’s the peak season for roofing work. To save on the installation costs, opt for summer. There’s a high chance that you’ll secure cheaper roofing services around this time of the year. 

Since metal roof repairs and installations are done quicker, you’ll likely spend less money on labor. Expect more savings and quicker completion times. 

Material Flexibility

Some roofing materials have restrictions when it comes to weather conditions during installation. For example, the ideal temperature to install asphalt shingles is between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They tend to become less flexible as temperature decreases. If you’re installing roof shingles in cold weather, the material becomes more prone to breakage. 

On the other hand, metal roofs can be installed regardless of the temperature. The roofing material itself will remain unaffected no matter how high or low the temperature gets outside. Ask a professional roofer for some advice on what material you should use.

Low Moisture Levels

Precipitation and humidity are generally low during the warmer months. This condition is favorable when you’re repairing or replacing your roof. When contractors work in low moisture environments, the roofing materials are maintained in good condition. Moisture won’t get trapped inside the underlayment, which may cause wrinkling or blistering. As much as possible, have your metal roof installed in the summer instead of wet or freezing months.

Non-Busy Season

The busiest time for any kind of roof work is the fall season. The demand is high because the outdoor temperature and weather conditions are the most ideal. However, this means roofing contractors get booked up quickly. You might not be able to schedule an appointment during this period. Prices may shoot up due to increased demand.

As an alternative, the summer season is less in demand for roof repairs and installation. Since this isn’t a peak time, you can schedule ahead of time and get the standard rates.

Bottom Line

Summer proves to be one of the best seasons to get roof work done. With these benefits, you can complete your project without dealing with unnecessary issues. For residential or commercial metal roofing, Pittsburgh Metal Roofing is a name you can trust.

Our team prides on our extensive knowledge and industry expertise in repairing or installing your metal roof system. To learn more about our services, feel free to reach out to us today. We can work around your summer schedule and exceed your expectations. We look forward to being of service to you!