A metal roof is always exposed to the elements and ultraviolet radiation all day, every day. Different pollutants, moisture, and falling debris will cause black streaks to appear on your roof. Although metal roofs are effective in repelling water and grime, they still need some upkeep. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance are important in prolonging a metal roof’s lifespan. It prevents debris and other buildups from damaging the roof surface. With the right tools and techniques, proper cleaning will leave your metal roof sparkling clean.

In order to clean your roof, you need to either climb on a ladder or wash the roof surface from the ground level. Let’s find out how you can clean your metal roof without walking on top of it.

Pros of Roof Cleaning From the Ground

  • Prevents damage from walking on the roof
  • Removes visible debris
  • Improves appearance and curb appeal
  • Less risk of slip and fall accidents
  • Safer than climbing up onto the roof

Cons of Roof Cleaning From the Ground

  • Limited access to different roof features
  • A ladder and safety equipment are required
  • Roof inspection might not be possible
  • Stains and moss growth won’t be removed completely

Tips When Cleaning Roof From the Ground Level

Walking on a metal roof is a very difficult task. Here are some techniques for cleaning a roof from the ground:

Remove Visible Debris

A leaf blower is perfect for blowing leaves off a low-pitched metal roof. Simply blow leaves, pine needles, and twigs towards the edge, then clean the gutters to prevent clogs. Remember to direct the airflow towards the debris until it blows off the roof. Avoid blowing debris into vents and attic that might cause poor ventilation.

If you have a high-pitched metal roof, a telescopic pole with a soft-bristled brush is better. This tool can remove branches and other loose debris from your metal roof. Any long-handled cleaning tools can help you reach the roof and sweep away debris from the ground. 

Use a Pressure Washer

Aside from a telescopic pole, you can use a low-pressure washer to remove debris. A pressure washer is the best way to have your roof cleaned. It’s totally safe to pressure wash your metal roof as long as the water pressure is set between 1200 and 1500 psi. It’s not recommended to use more pressure than needed. Avoid using high-pressure water jets because these might damage the roof. 

When pressure washing the roof, we recommend using hot water over cold water. A combination of hot water and a cleaning solution can kill mold spores and break up grime on the roof surface.

If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can rent one from any hardware store near you. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take safety precautions.

Apply Bleach Solution on the Metal Roof

Mold and algae are the reasons why there are black streaks on metal roofs. If these stubborn stains are affecting your home’s exterior, you can apply a roof cleaning agent or bleach solution. Use a wide-angle nozzle and spray the cleaning solution across the roof. Let the solution sit on the roof for several minutes to dissolve the stains. After spraying the cleaning solution, make sure to rinse the roof thoroughly. Repeat the process until all stubborn stains are gone.

When applying chemical products, don’t forget to wear protective clothing and safety glasses.

Is It Advisable to Clean Your Metal Roof Yourself?

If you have a low-pitched roof, taking the DIY route might be possible. However, we don’t recommend cleaning your metal roof yourself due to safety reasons. Not a lot of people are comfortable with working at heights. 

When doing DIY roof cleaning, use a stable ladder or platform and take all the necessary precautions. It’s better to hire a professional roofer with the expertise to clean and repair any damage.

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