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Metal Roofing in Pittsburgh

Reports from the construction sector show a continually increasing demand for roof installations and replacements. This surge is expected to continue for the years to come. Though homeowners and business owners have numerous roofing materials to choose from, not all of them are created equally. Metal roofing is the most quickly growing segment of the market for quite a few reasons.

At Pittsburgh Metal Roofing Co., we’re the areas foremost authority on metal roofing. We have extensive knowledge and experience in our industry, and no team in the business is more dedicated to your satisfaction. If you’re having a new home or business built or planning to upgrade your existing roof, feel free to contact us for an estimate. 

Protect Your Investment from Numerous Angles

Protecting your business or home and everything inside it is essential. At Pittsburgh Metal Roofing Co., we understand how important your roofing is to this process. Call us or contact us using the form on our website to schedule a consultation. From there, we’ll help you enjoy all the benefits metal roofing and an expert installation company can bring you. 

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Why Choose Metal Roofing?

You’ll find no shortage of reasons to choose metal roofing. It offers several benefits over the other materials on the market. Though having a metal roof installed costs roughly twice as much as asphalt shingles, its many advantages far outweigh the upfront expense.


Metal is one of the most durable roofing materials available. It doesn’t corrode, decay, or buckle the way asphalt and wood shingles can. Some grades of metal roofing can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour. They’re also capable of holding up to impacts from hail, falling tree limbs, and other hazards. They can handle heavy snow without bending as well. 


Asphalt shingles last around 20 years or so depending on weather conditions and how well the shingles are maintained. High-quality wood shingles and shakes can last as long as 40 years under the right circumstances. In comparison, metal roofing lasts 50 years or more. Copper and zinc can last well over 100 years, but they’re more expensive than other types of metal. Once you have a metal roof installed, you’re not likely to need to replace it for as long as you own the property.

Energy Efficiency

Most modern roofing materials comply with the latest energy efficiency regulations. That said, metal often exceeds those standards. On the outside, metal reflects heat from the sun to help keep your home or business cooler. On the inside, it reflects heat or cool air back inside rather than allowing it to escape. When you combine these factors, you can expect to save as much as 40 percent on summer cooling costs and 15 percent or more on heating during the winter months. 

Resistance to Outside Forces

We’ve already mentioned metal roofing’s ability to withstand high winds, impacts, heavy loads, heat, and cold air, but that’s only one aspect of its sturdiness and resilience. Because of the various protective coatings used on metal roofs, they can resist mold, mildew, and moss growth much more readily than other materials. They also hold up against determined pests that can tear away other types of roofing. 

Environmental Friendliness

Metal roofing is environmentally friendly from more than one perspective. Its longevity and durability mean fewer resources are used for replacements. It saves energy by being more efficient than other materials. At the same time, this type of roofing is usually made of at least 30 percent recycled material. Some varieties are composed completely of recycled metals. They’re all recyclable once they finally need to be replaced. 

Low Maintenance

Installation costs may be higher for metal roofing than some other materials, but property owners who choose this alternative tend to save money in the long run. Wood, slate, clay, asphalt shingles, and other options require ongoing maintenance whereas metal holds its own. 

If, by some slim chance, your metal roofing gets scratched or bent by large, particularly heavy falling debris, those issues should be repaired immediately to avoid further damage or leaks. Otherwise, you’ll most likely never need metal roof repair.


Like other types of roofing, metal shingles and sheets are available in a wide range of hues. That means they’ll match virtually any exterior color scheme. Metal roofing can also be made to resemble other materials, such as wood, clay tiles, and shingles. Whether you’re looking to maintain a specific architectural design or your neighborhood HOA has restrictions on the roofing styles you’re allowed to use, metal is sure to meet your needs.
These are some of the primary benefits of metal roofing. It’s a durable, long-lasting option offering endless possibilities. If you think this may be the solution you’re looking for in a new roof, we’re here to make it happen.

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​Reaping the full advantages of metal roofing means keeping a couple of key points in mind. First of all, it’s essential to choose the right type and grade of metal to suit your unique requirements. Secondly, this type of roofing is only as effective as the professionals you hire to install it. At Pittsburgh Metal Roofing Co., we know what it takes to ensure your roof lives up to your expectations. 

  • Expert Installation. If metal roofing isn’t installed properly, it can be prone to leaks. This greatly detracts from the life of your roof as well as its energy efficiency. It’ll also leave your home or business vulnerable to further damage. We take care to make sure the metal forms an air- and water-tight seal to prevent any future problems.


  • Effective Seals and Flashings. Vents, skylights, valleys, chimneys, and other roof features are notorious for leaking if they’re not sealed correctly. Our team makes sure all those elements are taken care of with custom fittings and sturdy seals. As is the case with the roofing itself, extensive knowledge and attention to detail are crucial when it comes to installing seals and flashings. We offer both standard and customized solutions to meet the needs of all our customers.


  • All-Inclusive Services. Our team is capable of handling all your roofing needs. If you need metal roofing installed on a new build, we have you covered. Those who are looking to replace their old roofs can rest assured they’re in expert hands with us. We may even be able to install metal roofing on top of the existing roof to further reduce the cost of installation. In the event your previous metal roofing has sustained damage or was installed by a less-than-professional company, we offer the full range of metal roof repair services.


On top of all that, we take great pride in ensuring all our customers are completely satisfied with their new metal roofs. That means providing top-notch products and services. From bringing you a vast selection of metal roofing options to offering comprehensive guarantees on our products and our work, you’re sure to be satisfied with the end results.

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