Getting a good roof is an important investment for your home. As one of the crucial parts of your home, it keeps you and your family safe from harsh elements. If you’re looking for options, why not consider an impact-resistant metal roof? It’s a great choice for anyone looking for sturdy and low-maintenance roofing. Made from either aluminum or steel, metal roofs are designed to meet industry standards for impact resistance. 

In this blog, we will dive into the many benefits of an impact-resistant metal roof for your home.


If you live in an area prone to severe weather, you can benefit from an impact-resistant metal roof. It provides you with protection from severe weather conditions like heavy snow, hail, and high winds. Since it’s made of thicker gauges of metal, it is heavy-duty and guaranteed to prevent damage from hail and other falling debris. Metal roof manufacturers also use stronger fasteners and protective coatings to further enhance the durability and impact resistance of the product.

However, keep in mind that not all metal roofs are created equal. Generally speaking, steel is stronger than aluminum. The latter is known for being lightweight and corrosion-resistant. However, aluminum is not known for its impact resistance properties. It’s a relatively soft metal, which makes it easier to dent than others. 

On the other hand, steel is considered harder than aluminum. It can withstand more impact and heavy snow loads without showing marks or dents. In terms of durability, we recommend getting an industry-grade steel roof for your commercial and residential applications.

Fewer Repairs

Due to its durability and strength, an impact-resistant metal roof doesn’t require many repairs. You will be needing metal roof repairs depending on your location, quality of the material, installation method, and more. It’s worth noting that no roof is 100% maintenance-free. It’s recommended to inspect your impact-resistant roof at least twice per year. A professional roofing contractor can give you a better idea of how often repairs may be needed.

Less Chance of Roof Leaks

Metal roofs have less of a chance of developing leaks because of their weathertightness. When installed properly, your metal roof has the ability to prevent moisture from penetrating. Professional roofers use sealants or butyl seam tapes to block water and dirt. These sealing tapes are typically placed over joints and seams between the metal panels. Regular maintenance will ensure your impact-resistant roofing system is free from leaks and defects.

Energy Efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs do not make a house hotter in the summer months. In fact, it is one of the most energy-efficient materials available in the market. Most metal roofs have a high level of thermal emittance and solar reflectance. It’s designed to reflect the sun’s rays without absorbing any heat. This will keep your home cooler during summer and save you money on your energy bills. 

Because of their solar reflectivity and thermal emissivity properties, metal roofs are eligible for an Energy Star rating. This means that they are more energy efficient than standard roofing products as set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Aside from this, impact-resistant metal roofs are compatible with most insulation and ventilation systems. Most roofing structures must be insulated to maximize energy efficiency and performance. A properly insulated roof is the key to maintaining optimal temperature no matter what the season.

Tax Breaks and Discounts on Insurance Costs

Insurance companies offer discounts on premium rates for homes with impact-resistant roofing products. Metal roofs are less likely to be damaged after the storm, resulting in fewer claims. The discounts and rebates can vary depending on the insurance company and the state you’re in. Make sure to consult your insurance provider to see if you can qualify for insurance discounts. In addition, some cities and local municipalities may offer incentives or tax breaks for installing impact-resistant and energy-efficient metal roofs.

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