No matter how sturdy your roof is, there will come a time when you need to repair and replace them. If you’re tackling a roofing project, it’s crucial to avoid scams and fraudsters. Yes, there are reliable roofing contractors in the industry. But there are also con artists who prey on homeowners.

This blog will help you identify the warning signs of roof scammers so that you can dodge them. Continue reading to learn more:

Storm Chasers

Some roofing contractors target unsuspecting homeowners with damaged roofs. They are called storm chasers because they follow severe weather with hopes of repair work. Most storm chasers are non-local roofers. Following a strong storm, they travel to the affected area and show up at your door unannounced. Don’t fall for this classic scam!

These fraudsters will approach you aggressively to offer roof inspections and repairs. They’ll convince you that you would get a huge discount when you hire them. Be careful because their quality of work is poor. After you have paid upfront, storm chasers will disappear without a trace.

Exaggerated Roof Damage

Another common tactic is to exaggerate the extent of your roof damage. A roofing fraudster might go onto your roof to “inspect” the damages to your roof. They will say there’s damage on your roof when there’s none.

This is done by shady roofers to get you to pay more out of pocket. In addition, a scammer might intentionally lie about the damage to overbill your insurance company. More damage means higher insurance claims. Before hiring a roof contractor, do a background check and look for client reviews on local listings.

Lowball Bids

Anything too good to be true is probably a scam. When a contractor offers an incredibly low offer, they might provide substandard roofing work. Don’t be enticed by their special discounts or rebates. Shady roofers might bid low at the start. As the project goes on, they will raise the price due to inflated material costs. 

To avoid getting lowball bids, you should get at least three quotes from different companies. It’s better to compare prices then choose the best one for you. There should be a written contract that outlines the terms and any possible price changes in advance.

Substandard Materials

Fraudsters always seek profit. They maximize their profits by buying poor and low-quality materials. When they use substandard materials for your roof, it might do more damage than good. They will only fix aesthetic damage and disregard the underlying issues. In the long run, this will cost you money and stress. 

Always do your research and look for reliable roof contractors to avoid dealing with scammers.

Large Down Payment

Beware of contractors who ask for a large down payment. This is a warning sign that they will run with your money. No trusted roofer will insist you pay them up front before they start the job.

When a contractor demands a 50 percent down payment or higher, they might be scamming you. A reasonable down payment ranges from 15% to 20% of the total project price. 

Never pay for the total bill until the roofing work is complete. Instead, look for a contractor who asks for a reasonable down payment as stated in the written contract. 

Insurance Fraud

If your contractor asks you to sign insurance documents, don’t fall for it. They might be committing insurance fraud to take the larger payment from the insurance company. These kinds of fraudulent contractors will only put you in a vulnerable situation. A legitimate roofer will not pressure you into signing anything.

Before you start a project, coordinate with your insurance company. Have your roof inspected by a professional adjuster. They will let you know what’s being covered for your roofing project.

Final Thoughts on Roof Scams

Before agreeing to work with any contractor, do your research and listen to your gut. If it is too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. Take note of these red flags so that you will only work with a reliable roofer.

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