Before summer comes in full swing, it’s important to have your metal roof checked. This is an ideal time to tackle different home projects like roof maintenance. When you carry out preventative work, you can keep your roof in optimum performance against weather extremes.

As roofing experts, we believe metal roof maintenance is a year-round thing. You can opt for DIY or hire a professional roofing contractor. Follow the steps listed below to keep an eye on your roof metal this summer season:

Check the Metal Roof Flashing

Essential for waterproofing, a metal roof flashing helps seal joints. This protects your roof system by directing water away from critical areas. Check metal flashings because this is where issues arise. There should be no gaps and voids between the flashing and metal panels. Otherwise, you should call an expert roofer who will apply sealant or replace them immediately.

Look Around Your Attic

An attic inspection might be necessary before you start climbing on your metal roof. Even with the best roofing materials, leaks are still unavoidable. The condition of your roof deck and attic can indicate roofing problems. 

As part of your routine maintenance, visit your attic and inspect the area. Are there water stains and black streaks? These are usually due to roof leaks or similar damages. While you’re in the attic, look for any signs of mold growth in the corners and underside of the metal roof.

Cut Nearby Tree Branches

Surrounding trees can damage your metal roof. Branches hanging over the house may touch and scrape off the surface. Even a minor scratch can put your roof at risk for leaks. That’s why these branches should be trimmed and removed. 

Summertime is the best season to do some trimming because there’s a lesser chance of rain. When cutting down branches, keep in mind that the safest distance is at least 10 feet away. By doing this, you can avoid damage and debris build-up in your gutter.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Many people are not aware that gutters are part of the roof system. They are designed to catch rainwater and avoid standing puddles. However, your gutter can’t do its job when it is filled with debris. During summer, it is advisable to clear gutters off leaves and twigs. Remove anything that might cause build-up and blockage. 

To remove the gunk from the gutters, you’ll need a ladder, plastic gutter scoop, work gloves, and a bucket. Use the gutter scoop to take out debris and place them inside the bucket. Always check the gutters for dirt and corrosion. If you notice any gutter issues, address them as soon as possible.

Remove Dirt on Each Roof Panel

Whether you have a corrugated or standing seam roof, you need to clean the panel segments. Metal roofs have a smooth surface that’s easy to clean. A simple power washing can remove all the accumulated dirt.

For tougher debris, you may use a cleaning agent mixed with warm water. Get a soft sponge and gently wipe off the accumulated dirt. Remember to be as gentle as possible. Stay away from harsh materials like brushes and wool scrubbers. You wouldn’t want to make any scratch on the surface. 

When it comes to cleaning your metal roof, always follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions. This will help protect and maintain your roof warranty.

Inspect for Corrosion

There are kinds of metal roofs that are prone to rust. Corrosion happens when the material gets exposed to moisture and other elements. If you have a metal roof, it’s best to check them for any sign of rust. In general, corrosion occurs anywhere near vents, gutters, and chimneys. Look around these areas and search for brown flaking of the metal surface.

Don’t panic if you see some rust formation. Simply wash the surface and apply paint to cover the damage. In some cases, sanding and coating might be necessary. The application of a protective coating can prevent further deterioration. All these things can be done during the summer season. You may talk with your roofing contractor about how to bring your roof back to its pre-corrosion state.

Call the Metal Roof Experts

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