As we become more educated about the environment, more homeowners are thinking of their carbon footprint. Eco-friendly appliances and home products that help reduce waste are now more readily available to the public. One example of a home improvement green solution is metal roofing. Over the years, it has been gaining popularity for its durability and energy efficiency.

Metal roofing products are better than traditional tiles or asphalt shingles, which have few eco-friendly properties. If you are planning to go green, metal roofing is the right choice for you. In this blog, we’ll be exploring some green roofing options you should know about.

Top Eco-Friendly Roofing Types for Your Home

Cool Roofs

You might not be aware, but your roof color matters a lot. Any roof with lighter or white-colored coating reflects the sun rays away rather than absorb them. Cool roof systems send 60 to 85 percent of the sun’s heat back into the atmosphere. This provides great benefits such as reducing the energy bills and keeping the building cooler. Unlike traditional black or tar roofs, cool roofs with reflective properties lessen the amount of heat flow while resisting UV deterioration.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

This is a concealed fastener metal panel system known for its durability and eco-friendliness. Standing seam metal roofs are long-lasting and 100% recyclable roof systems available in the industry. It features vertical or trapezoidal legs with a concealed fastener design. This means that the fastener is hidden and not exposed in the plane of the panel. Such design ensures that there are no holes from nails or other fasteners where UV rays and moisture can seep through.

If you want to invest in a good roof, standing seam metal roofing is the answer. It lasts longer and requires less maintenance and upkeep compared to other non-metal roofing types. Standing seam metal roofs are also more energy-efficient than shingles because they can lessen the load of your air conditioning unit by up to 15 percent. 

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Known as an economical green homes design, corrugated roofing is incredibly durable and recyclable. With advanced technology, your metal roofing can be coated with a reflective solution that helps keep energy costs low. Although corrugated metal sheets are lightweight, they can last for many years with minimal upkeep. Its extreme durability features make corrugated metal roofs an excellent green roofing option for homeowners.

Reclaimed Slate or Clay Roof Tiles

Clay and slate tiles have always been considered great options for pitched roofs. Many homeowners choose clay tiles for their roofs because of their unique style and aesthetics. Made with natural and durable materials, clay roof tiles can last up to one century. They are known to withstand even extreme weather conditions, such as hail, high winds, and hurricanes. Due to its integrity, a clay roof can resist the harmful UV rays from the sun. When you choose clay roof tiles, you can lower your carbon footprint as you regulate indoor temperatures.

Shingles From Recycled Materials

Through the latest technology, different roofing companies can now manufacture slate and asphalt shingles entirely made from recycled materials. They use rubber tiles and plastic bottles to make eco-friendly roofing products. These waste materials are cut, heated, and molded to mimic recycled slate and cedar shakes. Such green roofing alternatives are the answer to reducing the amount of raw materials needed to create new roof shingles.

Shingles from recycled and repurposed rubbers and plastics are much cheaper and easier to install than expensive slate roofs. Moreover, these recycled shingles have a lower carbon footprint than traditional roofing shingles.

Rubber Roofing Systems

Made of rubber or plastic polymers, rubber roofing is resistant to various harsh weather conditions, rooting, and cracking. Most rubber shingles are manufactured from old steel-belted tires and other recycled materials. Since rubber has insulating capabilities, it is energy-efficient and can help you save on your utility bills. 

Green Roofing Systems

If you are looking for a roofing option that purifies the air and regulates the indoor temperature, a green roof is the best option for you. A green roof has a myriad of benefits, especially if you live in urban areas where there is a heat island effect. The plants on your green roof will mitigate the heat effect and reduce the amount of rainwater runoff. It provides a rainwater buffer and lessens the risk of flooding in your area. As it reduces the temperature on the roof, it also increases solar panel efficiency and adds value to your property.

Choose the Most Sustainable Option for Your Next Roof

When it comes to eco-friendly roofing materials in the market, metal roofing is the best roofing option for you. It is made of various metal materials that are known to withstand harsh and corrosive environments. Most especially, metal roofs are environmentally friendly with their superior integrity, unmatched longevity, and superb energy-saving features. 

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