There’s something exciting about getting a new roof. But you may also feel stressed out about how you can get ready for it. Once the professional roofers arrive, your home becomes a work zone. As the homeowner, you should take safety precautions to make the metal roof replacement go as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips and safety measures to get yourself ready for this home project:

Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe

If you have kids and pets at home, it might be best to talk to them and help them understand what’s about to happen. Metal roof replacements involve drilling and cutting, which can come off as noisy. Loud noises may cause disturbance and anxiety, especially for pets. They should also be away from unsafe work zones. Do not allow them to play outside and keep them safe during the process. 

In the meantime, you may let them stay with friends or family. Your family’s safety should always come first before any kind of home improvement project.

Find an Alternate Parking Spot

Your roofing contractors need access to your driveway for all their tools and equipment trucks. When you leave free access to your parking space or garage, it is more convenient for you and your roofing company. They need to load and unload their equipment right next to your house.

It’s recommended that you move your vehicle away to avoid scratches due to fallen debris. Before the roof replacement starts, you need to look for an alternate parking space for your vehicles. You also need to keep your garage doors closed to prevent dust and debris from coming inside.

Clear Out Your Yard and Patio

Anything placed outside like grills and lawn ornaments may be damaged due to debris. If your patio or outdoor living space is near the roof, it’s best to store your furniture and potted plants in a safe space. You will no longer have the time to do this when the project starts. So, it’s best to keep them safe from the work zone. 

Cover Your Belongings in the Attic

During a metal roof replacement, the contractors don’t have a choice but to walk on the roof. They will also hit the surface with hammers and tools. Because of this, debris and dirt will fall into your attic spaces. You can protect your belongings from dust by covering them with old sheets. Once the work is done, you will have to do some vacuuming in your attic to remove the accumulated dirt.

Prune the Trees and Cut the Grass

If there are tree branches near your roof, they should be trimmed and pruned properly. This will ensure that the roof contractors have unobstructed access as they replace your metal roof. To protect plants near the work zone, use drop cloths and lay them on the ground. You are also encouraged to cut the grass before the roof replacement for easier and faster cleanup.

Remove Antennas and Satellite Dishes

There’s a big chance that you have antennas and satellite dishes installed on your roof. Contact your provider and have them removed before the metal roof replacement. Your cable or satellite provider can make arrangements to remove and reinstall them after the project. If it’s an old and unused unit, you may ask the roofers to remove and dispose of it for you.

Identify Accessible Power Outlets

To use their equipment, your roof contractors will need access to power outlets in your home. Exterior outlets are preferred, but if you don’t have any, use the electrical outlets in the garage. In this case, extension cords may need to run through a window or door. Make sure that no one stumbles over the cord because everyone’s safety should be your top priority. Choose an outlet in a place with the least foot traffic to avoid tripping accidents.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Expect that your metal roof replacement is going to be loud and annoying. This can be disruptive to you and your neighbors. Talk to them about your plans so that they can rearrange their schedules while the work is ongoing.

Enjoy a Beautiful Metal Roof for Your Home

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