During wintertime, snow and ice cover almost everything outside. Snow buildup can harm your home, specifically the roofing system. The cold season can take a toll on roof shingles, flashings, and gutters. Roofing maintenance and repair are needed to minimize damage.

Come spring season, you’d feel the need to clean your entire home. If your roof has suffered from all the frosty weather, now is the time to focus on maintenance. Check out our springtime roof maintenance checklist for more details:

Go to the Attic

Roof maintenance is not just about the exteriors. You also need to inspect the interior of your roof, including the attic. Are there signs of damage in the space under the roof? Then, there might be existing leaks. Water stains on the attic ceiling are a strong indicator of roof damage. Look for any stained roof sheathing and wood framing. 

In general, your attic and roof can be inspected every 3 to 6 months. This can be done during spring when it’s not too cold or hot in the attic.

Do a Gutter Inspection

Your gutter system is connected to your roof. As much as possible, you want both to be in tiptop condition. Any debris that falls on your roof will eventually reach your gutters. Dirt, leaves, and pinecones are the most common gutter debris.

When you have clogged gutters, this can result in water leaks and roof damage. The snow during the winter will melt and turn into stagnant water. 

During the spring season, you can start cleaning your gutters. Remove all dead leaves and debris from the gutters. Once the debris removal is done, you may power wash the surface to get rid of dirt buildup. A well-maintained gutter system protects your roof and foundation.

Look for Mold Growth

Your entire roofing system was probably moist and damp all throughout the winter. As a result, black-green streaks appear on your roof. This is a sign of mold and algae growth. Roof mold thrives in moist conditions, which is common during the cold season.

A moldy roof can affect your home’s curb appeal. What you need to do is clean your roof from algae and mold. If your home isn’t high enough, you may use a pressure washer. For best results, get help from a professional roofing company. Remember that keeping your roof mold-free is the key to its longevity.

Trim and Prune Your Trees

Are there branches hanging over your roof? You can start your spring cleaning routine by shedding these branches. When tree limbs are too close to the roof surface, they might scrape against the shingles. This will lead to roof damages that could have been avoided. We recommend that you trim your trees away and ensure their branches are not touching your roof system.

Check for Signs of Damage

When doing spring roof maintenance, look for any loose or damaged shingles. Check if there’s rust and corrosion on metal panels. Aside from this, inspect the downspouts and fascia that might be damaged over the winter. The snow and ice buildup might’ve caused these roof issues. After the inspection, you need to perform repairs or contact a roofing contractor near you.

Call in the Professionals

Many homeowners think they can do roofing work all by themselves. The roofs are pretty high and hard to reach. This can be dangerous for amateurs and beginners. If you’re not used to working on them, an accident might happen.

When you notice roofing issues, the best solution is to consult a professional. Don’t be afraid to call roofing professionals in your area. They can easily identify any signs of damage before things get worse.

Contact Our Staff Today!

As a homeowner, you need to perform roof maintenance throughout the year. A simple inspection can avoid damage and prolong the life of your roof. Follow our roof maintenance tips to ensure your roof is ready for the spring months. 

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