Metal roofs are known to be sturdy and energy-efficient. These can reflect heat away and reduce up to 40% energy costs. If you want to boost the energy efficiency of your home, then solar energy is a good choice. Both technologies can reduce your monthly expenses and carbon footprint as well. In this blog, we cover the relevant information about solar panels on metal roofing systems. Read on to learn their benefits:


Without a doubt, metal roofs can last from 50 to 70 years. Its lifespan is longer than traditional shingles, which only last around two decades. If you want to invest in solar panels, they can stay around 25 years. You can expect impressive longevity when you have solar panels mounted on your metal roofs. Even if the warranty period has expired, your solar panels will continue producing energy.

Maximum Energy Savings

As a property owner, solar panel installation is a great investment you can make. This offers reflectivity and energy efficiency benefits. Cool metal roofs are more reflective than asphalt shingles. Their reflectivity and high thermal emittance allow them to reflect solar radiation. Since less heat will enter your home, this will result in decreased utility load. Your metal roofing can lower roof temperatures by 50 degrees. 

When combined with solar panels, metal roofs can keep your home cool in the summer season. The PV solar panels will absorb the sun’s rays and turn them into electricity. Soon enough, this will cut down your energy use and bring more electric bill savings.


Modern metal roofs are strong enough to resist corrosion and warping. No need to worry about damage during solar panel installation. Your high-quality metal roof can support the additional weight of the solar panels. 

However, not all metal roofs are the same. You need to evaluate the type of metal roofing before solar panels are installed. Many secure installation options can be used for standing seam and corrugated metal roofs. Consider the profile, gauge, and metal roof types before you proceed with solar panel installation.

You can choose between metal roof clamps, screws, and brackets to mount the solar energy system. As long as your solar panels meet industry standards, no damage will be caused to your metal roofs. In fact, solar panels can act as a buffer that protects your roofing system.

This is why you need to work with a trusted metal roof installer. They can guide you throughout the entire installation process.

Solar Panels on Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal panels are one of the most popular roofing materials available. These are great for installing solar panels because they are very durable. 

The installation is also simple and straightforward. A mounting system is used to clamp on the roof’s seams. These aluminum U-clamps will help secure the solar panels and their racking system. This way, no holes need to be drilled into or through your metal roof. Aside from ease of installation, the overall cost is lower than other options.

Solar Panels on Corrugated Metal Roofs

For corrugated metal roofs, the installation and mounting system will be different. There’s no way of installing solar energy systems on a corrugated roof without drilling holes. 

Your metal roof installer will install a specialized mounting system. These special brackets will be attached to the top ridge, which leaves the lower crest free from holes. Then, your solar panels and the racking system will be secured to those brackets.

A clean penetration and sealing will prevent roof leaks from happening. Work with a professional metal roof contractor for a hassle-free installation.

Solar Panels on Trapezoidal Metal Roofs

Trapezoidal roofing is similar to corrugated metal roofs. However, it has more flat areas in between each ridge peak. During solar panel installation, make sure that each bracket is mounted closely over the trapezoidal ridge. The key to a successful installation is to find the right bracket for trapezoidal metal roofs. Moreover, roof sealant can be used to fill any holes.

Final Thoughts

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