A metal roof is a huge investment that pays off over time. It lasts for several years and increases your home’s overall value. To maximize ROI, your metal roof must be installed by a trusted roofing company.

When professionally installed, metal roofs can get you the most value. Here are some of the ways that a metal roof can save you money.

Longer Lifespan

Although it seems more expensive up front, metal roofing lasts longer than traditional ones. Most metal roofs can stand up to 40-70 years. Some materials like copper roofs have a lifespan of up to 100 years. The factors that affect its longevity are the quality of installation, weather, sun exposure, and maintenance.

Less Replacement Costs

Metal roofs are extremely durable, which means less expenses for repairs and replacements. They are highly resistant to different kinds of damage. No need to request roof repairs that are too costly. You only need to schedule an annual inspection that costs from $100 to $400. In the long run, this can save you thousands of dollars. 


Installing solar panels on a metal roof is a straightforward process. In fact, metal roofs and solar panels are very compatible. Whether you have standing seam panels or a corrugated roof, solar panels can be attached using brackets. The installation does not require holes to be drilled into the metal panels. 

When you invest in solar-ready metal roofs, you can significantly lessen your electric bill. An average US household can save about $1,500 a year by going solar. Reach out to a professional contractor to know if it’s possible to install solar panels on your metal roof.


Metal roofing materials react differently to the sun compared to asphalt shingles. When you have standard asphalt shingles, they absorb a lot of heat that may stream into the structure. 

With metal roofs, your home becomes energy-efficient. They reflect UV rays instead of absorbing them. As a result, your property will be more comfortable and cooler during the summer season. Metal roofs alone can reduce cooling costs by up to 50%. You’ll have lower energy bills, especially during summer.

To maximize your savings, you can choose a high-reflectance paint system for your metal roof. This can save as much as 40% on cooling costs every year.

Just like in summer, metal roofs are extremely beneficial during winter. They are designed to shed snow, which helps prevent ice dams. Steel roofs also provide an additional layer of insulation to regular temperatures inside your property.

Insurance Benefits

Looking for a way to lower your insurance premiums? Have a metal roof installed on your property. Insurance companies offer policy discounts for clients who get impact-resistant roofs. Metal roofs have a Class 4 impact rating, which means they have a small chance of damage. Unlike asphalt shingles, a Class 4 roof can survive extreme weather conditions and hailstorms.

Thanks to the superior durability of metal roofs, you may qualify for an insurance discount of more than 25%. Lower insurance premiums indicate that you could be saving money every month. Speak with your insurance company to know if they offer insurance premium reductions.

Tax Credits

Did you know that you can get tax credits for installing an energy-efficient roof? Homeowners with ENERGY STAR-certified metal roofs can qualify for tax incentives. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the amount you owe to the state. 

The federal tax credit is currently available for metal roofs with pigmented coating. You can get a 10% tax credit, maximum of $500. However, the metal roof must be installed on your principal residence. This does not apply to rentals and new construction homes. The goal of a roofing tax credit is to encourage homeowners to use energy-efficient products like metal roofs.

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