Having a new metal roof is one of the best investments you can make. Unlike other materials, a metal roofing system is very long-lasting and durable. To make the most out of your investment, you need to work with a knowledgeable and qualified roofing contractor. Hiring an expert for the metal roof installation is just as important as choosing the right material.

Before you get your new roof constructed and installed on your property, here is a checklist of things that you and your contractor need to accomplish. Prepare for your metal roof installation by following these steps:

Homeowner Prep Work

Finalize Project Details and Schedule

After selecting a contractor, you need to know how many days they will be working at your property. Don’t forget to confirm if all the aspects of the metal roofing project are ready to go. You may also consult with your contractor for the tasks you need to do before they arrive.

Clear the Landscape Space

Your contractor will do most of the work, but you may still prepare an adequate workspace for them. Shingles or gutters connected to your existing roof may drop and damage all the items below it. Be proactive by removing items from your yard or deck to keep them from being damaged. You may also lay a tarp to protect potted plants, flowers, and bird feeders near the area. From walkways to sidewalks, make sure that these are already clear prior to installation.

Remove Vehicles From the Driveway and Garage

It is advisable to remove vehicles and bikes from your parking space. Metal roofing contractors will probably use your garage to park their truck, equipment, and garbage bin. To avoid any damage, park your cars safely on the street.

Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe

Metal roofing installation can be dangerous to children and animals. There will be loud noises that can make them feel unsafe and anxious. Let them know of the dangers of being around the construction area. Briefly tell them about the process and which areas should be off-limits. If they still have fears and doubts about it, have them stay at a relative’s property during work periods.

Talk to Your Neighbors

As a sign of respect and courtesy, let your neighbors know about the metal installation project. Warn them ahead of time about the loud noises and stray roof shingles. You may ask them to cover their plants and other items that may be damaged during the installation process.

Clear the Attic and Top Floors

During a metal roof installation, the contractors will traverse your roof and pound it with hammers. The vibrations from hammering can damage fragile items stored in your attic spaces, so you should take them down ahead of time. Protect sentimental objects and valuables by moving them on the ground floor.

Dust and small debris will definitely fall from the roof during the process. You can reduce the post-installation cleaning by covering your belongings with old sheets, tarps, or painter’s drop cloths.

Contractor Prep Work

Once you have started a contract with a metal roofing contractor, they will start with the installation project that includes the following steps:

  • Initial Site Assessment
  • Field and Roof Measurement
  • Create a Materials List and Order Supply
  • Inspect Materials
  • Request and Obtain Necessary Building Permits
  • Remove Old Roofing
  • Fix Any Roof Damage
  • Metal Roofing Installation

Once the installation and cleanup process has been completed, make sure to inspect the roof and ensure you’re happy with the final product. If you like the contractor’s work, finalize the payment.

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Choosing a reputable metal roof contractor will ensure that the installation process goes smoothly and without a hitch. At Pittsburgh Metal Roofing, we follow the best practices for metal roof installation to keep your property and belongings undamaged. For any other questions or additional information, contact your local home roofing expert across the Pennsylvania area.