A layer of a green clump of moss is something that you don’t want to see on your roof. Moss typically grows under the roof shingles, which could cause the roofing material to degrade. If you have moss on your roof, it can reduce its overall lifespan.

Roof shingles made from clay or concrete are the most susceptible to moss growth. While metal roofing is quite durable, it is not 100% resistant to moss and algae. The metal surface can still be damaged and compromised. Read our blog to learn how to prevent moss build-up on your metal roof system:

How Does Moss Grow?

Moss and algae tend to grow because of moisture and the absence of sunlight. If you live in a damp, cool environment, there are greater chances of moss build-up on your roof. Moss spores germinate and stay on a roof filled with organic materials, decomposing leaves, and debris. 

When left unchecked, the moss will grow into a thick, dense clump that resembles a mat. We recommend that you have it removed before it compromises the performance and integrity of your roofing system.

How Does Moss Affect Your Metal Roof?

Adds Weight

Since moss is porous, it can hold water and moisture well. You can think of it like a sponge that soaks up water. When it retains a significant amount of water, it will add extra weight to your metal roof. Excessive loads of weight will strain your roof, which can lead to sagging. In the long run, the added weight will significantly shorten your roof’s life by up to 10 years.

Causes Slippery Surface

When growing on roofs, moss creates a slick and hazardous surface. All the water it absorbs will eventually wet up the roof’s surface beneath. It becomes more slippery when combined with algae and lichen. That’s why it’s more difficult to perform an inspection or repair when you have a moss-covered roof. A mossy surface is a serious slip hazard, especially when it’s raining or snowing. 

If you’re planning a DIY roof repair, make sure to remove loose moss and avoid walking on the roof without well-gripped footwear. However, it’s best to call experts to do the roof inspection or repair for you.

Ruins Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When a house has curb appeal, it means it looks attractive even when viewed from the street or curb. Your home’s exterior design and features influence curb appeal. When your metal roof is covered with lush moss, it doesn’t look good from the perspective of homebuyers. In reality, clumps of moss don’t look rustic or fairytale-like. It will only make your roof look quite unsightly and unappealing. 

You can prevent mossy foliage from killing your curb appeal through regular cleaning and maintenance. Moss can be easily removed by scrubbing or using a vinegar and water solution. Always follow safety precautions when handling the moss on your roof. 

Causes Holes and Leaks

Moss may seem like the usual debris, but it can actually cause significant damage to any type of roofing material. It retains a lot of water that might get trapped against the metal roof’s surface. Over time, moss with water will cause rust, discoloration, and staining. Due to rust and corrosion, cracks and holes will start appearing. Before it’s too late, get rid of moss if you notice green patches on your roof.

Attracts Pests

A layer of moss looks like a mini jungle for pests. When you have moss above the roof, expect that rodents, cockroaches, and insects will infiltrate your house. These kinds of pests are mostly attracted to the decaying organic debris on the mossy foliage. To eliminate pest infestation in your area, ensure that your metal roof is clear of debris and algae. Regular roof cleaning will prevent any regrowth and drive away unwanted insects in your house.

Protect Your Metal Roof Today

The most effective technique to keep your roof moss-free is deep cleaning. Roof cleaning is required at least once a year to maintain your metal roofing’s optimal functionality. If you need metal roof repairs or installations, count on our team at Pittsburgh Metal Roofing. 

Our top-notch services include commercial and residential roofing. We’ll have your roof cleaned and inspected to determine the extent of the damage. Call us for a free estimate!