Getting a metal roof has a lot of benefits like durability and minimal upkeep. If you’ve been considering a metal roof, you may have some questions. If you’re unsure if you want to metal roofing, we have you covered! Our team at Pittsburgh Metal Roofing has compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from both homeowners and business owners.

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! 

Why should I choose a metal roof?

Metal roofs are an attractive option for a replacement or new installation. It’s incredibly durable and can last for a very long time without costly repair and maintenance. It also comes in various colors and material choices, so you can find one that suits your roof style. Metal roofs are also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient since they reflect the sun’s UV and infrared light rays.

What are the common material roofing materials?

Known as the Cadillac of roofing, a metal roof has different material options to choose from. Some of the metal roofing materials are copper, aluminum, zinc, steel, and tin. The most common is copper, which has three variations: galvanized, galvalume, and weathering steel.

How much does a metal roof cost?

Homeowners will most likely pay between $8.50 to $16.00 per square foot of metal roofing. This includes the cost of installation. The final cost will vary on the type of metal roof you will choose. Metal shingles typically cost between $10.50 to $14.00 per square foot, while standing seam metal roofs are at $12.00 – $16.00 per square foot on average.

While it is more expensive, metal roofs are a longer-lasting investment. You don’t have to spend much on repair and maintenance since metal roofing has proven performance expectations of more than 50 years. Steel is more long-lasting and durable as compared to traditional building materials. It will also add to your home’s resale value and save you money on your energy bills.

What is the life expectancy of a metal roof?

When installed properly, your metal roof can last from 40 to 70 years, depending on the material. Some material options are more expensive and durable than others. You can expect it to last at least 2 to 3 times longer than a regular roof made of wood shingle, shake, or concrete tile. Moreover, it can outperform the corrosion resistance of other coated roofing materials. 

Are metal roofs noisy when it rains or hails?

It is a misconception that metal roofing is extremely loud during storms. How loud a metal roof gets is determined by the underlayment, insulation, and other things directly underneath the metal. The amount of insulation you have in your attic will affect how much noise you hear. This is because normal attic insulation or solid wood decking absorbs and muffles sounds and noise.

Can a metal roof stand up to extreme weather?

Metal roofing systems are known for their wind and uplift resistance. They can withstand extreme conditions like heavy rain and snow, hailstorms, and strong wind. If there is a lightning strike, it will dissipate the electric charge so that your home will not ignite and catch fire. Due to its material, it will also shed snow fast and protect the roof’s structural integrity. So if you live in cold areas, metal roofing is the best choice for you.

Will it make my house hotter?

The answer is no. The coating used on metal roof panels can keep your attic cooler in the summer. This type of material can reflect the sun’s heat and energy away from your house. After the metal roof installation, you can expect your energy costs to be cut down up to 20%.

How do I choose a metal roofing contractor?

When hiring a company for the job, make sure they have the specialty tools, training, and expertise in installing your metal roofing. Ask for recommendations from friends and family to find out reliable metal roofing contractors in your local area. You may also check unbiased customer review websites and forums for home improvement projects before making a decision. 

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