Perhaps you’ve decided to upgrade your home by installing a new metal roof. If yes, you are probably considering which color is best for your home. Roof color is important in boosting your home’s resale value and curb appeal. That’s why it is crucial to pick a color palette that goes well with the rest of your home’s exterior.

Don’t worry because you have come to the right place. As metal roof experts, Pittsburgh Metal Roofing knows all the color palettes that will catch people’s eyes. Here are some tips we can give you when it comes to determining the best metal roof colors.

Tips When Choosing the Metal Roof Color

  • Research different types of paint and coatings available
  • Find a color that complements your overall home style and aesthetic
  • Depending on your local HOA regulations, get your new roof color approved first
  • Avoid roof colors that will clash with your neighbor’s house
  • Choose lighter colors than darker hues to improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Order color samples before making a final decision

Let’s dive into our favorite color options for metal roofing panels.

Earth Tones and Natural Colors

Neutral earthy-tone colors have been in high demand these days. Most earth-tone colors are what we see in nature: greens, browns, and tans. If you want your home to blend into its natural surroundings, choosing earth tones is what you should do. That’s why these colors are widely popular in areas near beaches, lakesides, mountains, and mountains. 

Earth and natural colors create a warm, friendly, and inviting feeling, which can grab people’s attention immediately. Due to their versatility, you can easily combine earth tones with many design types and exteriors.

Bright Colors

As we already know, light-colored roofs are more energy-efficient than dark-colored ones. Having an energy-efficient means that you can save money while reducing your energy consumption. In general, roofs with bright colors have a higher reflectivity rating. This measurement is based on the roof surface’s ability to reflect the sun’s rays from the sun. As a result, the roof color can affect the temperature in your home depending on their color. 

Light-colored roofs reflect the heat away from your home. Some of the most energy-efficient roofing colors are white, off-white, light gray, and light tan. On the other hand, roofs with darker colors will absorb the heat. The darker the roof, the more heat will enter your home. We recommend white or beige metal roofs if you want to save energy costs and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

To check your roof’s reflectivity rating, you may reach out to a metal roofing professional for some advice and insights.

Dark Colors

If you choose curb appeal over energy efficiency, it’s good to choose a dark-colored metal roof. Having a black roof can give your home a unique charm and appeal. In addition, black metal roofs complement any exterior color. This color will make your home look industrial and modern.

Aside from black, you may go with a lighter shade like gray or charcoal. Whether you want a metal roof or asphalt shingles, gray is one of the most popular roof colors. It has a striking, monochromatic appearance that provides a nice base for different color palettes. Gray and charcoal roofs can be paired with whites and neutrals.

However, keep in mind that dark roofs are hotter than light-colored roofs. When you live in an area with a hot climate, choosing a darker-colored metal roof isn’t advisable.

Bold Colors

You may choose bold and eye-catching colors so long as you don’t have strict HOA guidelines on roof colors. Bold, vivid colors will make your home stand out in the neighborhood. Some of your options are bright reds and blues. Fortunately, metal roofing comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. From bold to muted shades, you can easily find a palette that you like.

Let’s Help You Pick the Perfect Metal Roof Color

At Pittsburgh Metal Roofing, we can guide you in narrowing down color choices. Our team has extensive experience helping our customers find the ideal color palette. We can recommend color choices based on your architectural style, geographic location, and other factors.
Whether you need residential roof installation or metal roof repairs, we have you covered. Give us a call to request a free quote today.