Natural lighting offers many benefits that you can imagine. Exposure to natural light improves our mood and helps our bodies produce Vitamin D. Moreover, adding daylighting features may decrease your utility bill and make the space look bigger. The benefits are undeniable, which is why many people incorporate natural light into building design.

Adding skylights is easier when you have a metal roof on your home. When metal roofing is combined with daylighting products, this can improve the overall building performance. Such technology will bring big energy savings to you. The question will be—are the benefits worth the investment?

At Pittsburgh Metal Roofing, we are experts when it comes to roofing installations and repairs. Continue reading to learn more about integrated daylighting systems on metal roofs:

Types of Daylighting Devices

Traditional Skylights

A skylight is a dome or window that allows light to transmit through. This light-permitting structure is part of the roof panels for daylighting and ventilation. Aside from simulating the effect of daylight, traditional skylights can cool down the area during summer and insulate it in the wintertime. They also reduce energy costs and create aesthetic changes to the property.

Tubular Daylighting Device (TDD)

Also known as light tubes or light pipes, a TDD is an optical system that incorporates daylighting into interior spaces. This device uses refractive and reflective optics to collect and bring daylight into a building. With TDDs, you can get consistent daytime illumination while filtering out ultraviolet rays. Most TDDs can fit easily into roofing systems like metal roofs.

Benefits of Daylighting Systems

Increased Productivity and Comfort

If you have a well-daylit space, people will feel more comfortable and alert. This results in the increased productivity of the occupants. A dim, gloomy room may affect one’s ability to learn and remember things.

Many research studies suggest that daylighting has positive effects on well-being, productivity, and overall sense of satisfaction. This is one of the compelling reasons to incorporate adequate natural lighting into the design of buildings.

Better Mood and Happier Dispositions

Daylighting has been linked to a better and happier disposition. Adequate natural light is important in improving mood and reducing fatigue. When you’re exposed to sunlight, your brain releases serotonin, which is the hormone for boosting mood. Getting as much natural light as possible helps you feel calm and focused.

Less Health Risks

The use of fluorescent lighting is linked to several health risks. Fluorescent tubes and CFL bulbs contain mercury and phosphorus. When it gets broken, the toxic mercury can be released as a gas. Spilled mercury is a threat to humans and the surrounding environment. This is why fluorescent bulbs should be handled properly.

Moreover, fluorescent lamps emit low levels of UV radiation. UV exposure increases the risk of migraines and eye strain. Instead, you can expose yourself to sunlight so that your body can produce vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin helps create a healthy immune system. It helps our body absorb calcium and fight off diseases.

More Energy Savings

The usage of electrical lights will be reduced during daylight hours. The overall energy savings typically range from 15 to 40 percent. You can lower your heating or cooling loads and minimize electricity costs. We recommend you install automatic sensors that can dim or turn off the electric lights when there’s enough natural light.

Better for the Environment

Most lights produce varying levels of greenhouse gasses. In fact, lighting accounts for about 15% of an average home’s electricity consumption. You can switch to energy-efficient lighting or install daylighting systems in your home.

Daylight Installation Factors

  • Building Shape: Skylights and TDDs are easier to install in low-rise and one-story structures. For multi-story buildings, you can add daylighting in a central atrium.
  • Daylight Control: Blinds and translucent glazing materials can be installed to lessen glare and filter sunlight coming in.
  • Metal Roof Design: Long, narrow skylights are ideal for corrugated metal roofs. The metal roofing system should have structural steel members where your contractor can install the skylights. This factor is important for weight deflection and structural support.

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