Traditional roofing systems can’t outdo metal roofs when it comes to durability and performance. Metal roofs won’t rot, crumble, or split even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. A well-maintained metal roof can protect your home and belongings longer than asphalt shingles. 

However, metal roofs are not indestructible. They could still leak, which often results in repairs or replacement. Leaks could significantly affect your overall roof’s performance and integrity. Here are the possible reasons why your metal roof is leaking.

Improper Flashing

Made of sheet metal or galvanized steel, flashing is an important part of your entire roofing system. It protects your roof’s joints and seams to prevent water leaks. Roofing contractors install flashing around vents, chimneys, and skylights. When installed properly, this will direct rainwater away from critical areas of the roof.

Over time the flashing will wear off as expected. This may be due to exposure to extreme weather or improper installation. Once flashing damage occurs, water will penetrate the roof and enter your home.

Missing Roof Sealants

Metal roof sealants ensure that your home is protected from harsh elements. When you apply a good sealant, it will prolong your roof’s life expectancy. Ordinary sealants won’t adhere to the paint on the roofing panels, so make sure to use products specifically made for metal roofs.

Leaks may occur when sealants have worn off. Since the sealants don’t last as long as the metal roof itself, it needs to be replaced from time to time. Always conduct regular maintenance or have a roofing professional carefully inspect the sealant and replace it as needed. 

Improperly Driven Screws

Screws are crucial in securing your metal roof panels. It is designed to keep water from penetrating your metal roof. Screws seal out the water by compressing the rubber washer to form a gasket between the panel and the screw head.

When the metal panels are not properly installed, a roof leak is possible. Unfortunately, a lot of things can go wrong with roofing screws. Some of the most common roofing screw issues are over and under-driven screws, misaligned screws, and screws driven at a wrong angle. 

If you suspect you have a roof due to the screws, call your local roofing expert. They can check the roofing screws and ensure they were driven in properly. 

Extreme Corrosion

Many people choose metal roofs over other materials due to their corrosion resistance. However, corrosion on your metal roof will happen at some point. Rust literally eats parts of your roof and leaves holes and gaps. This is where rainwater will pass through your home.

Address the corrosion on your roof before it spreads. A damaged and rusted metal roof can lead to severe structural damage. The onset of rusting may be delayed when you apply good protective paint systems or coatings. Fortunately, most metal roofs have been specifically engineered to resist corrosion.

Curb Flashings

Typically, HVAC units are installed and mounted on the roof curb. The area around a roof curb is where leaks occur. Flashing should be installed around the curb to avoid water from getting through.

However, the uphill side of the curbs and the two upper corners of the curb flashing are difficult areas to work on. The task is a lot harder when you’re installing large heating and cooling units. Water tends to pool behind the flashing, which eventually erodes the sealants.

This is where the metal roofer’s skills are put to the test. One mistake can surely cause roof leaks. Your roofing contractor must install the flashing to keep the curb leak-free for a long time. 

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